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good night and stuff


I have 5 or 6 very faithful followers. thanks guys! I wonder if anyone else is looking or reading…. ???

my dog has been sick for the past few days. meh! he only acted like he felt bad on the first day. I was worried and felt really bad for him! fur baby parents understand. he’s had diarrhea all this time. he’s eating and drinking, though.  it’s been better today. I really hope when he gets up tomorrow he’ll be fine. eep!  

I think I’ll go to the movies today. I’m thinking of seeing Tarzan. even if the movie is crappy, the guy playing him is hot and the cinematography looks like it’s good. I meant to see it yesterday, but I forgot all about it. I found out that a showing before noon is only $7!! hopefully I’ll make it to the early showing the second time around!

I finally get to see my therapist and my pain doctor appointments tomorrow! I’ve been on cancelation lists for both. I need help from each one! argh!

I’m laying in the dark, listening to enya. the fan is cool and quiet.





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