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welcome to tonight’s ramble.

the best part of the day was the chocolate chip cookies. I ate a lot. they were really good. when my doctor tells me: LOSE WEIGHT STOP SMOKING POT! even though my pot is legal medical marijuana which helps my pain more than the narcotics they pushed on me for so long.

listen to the radio station SOMAfm. there is so much cool electronica. all sorts of things.

I haven’t done much watching of TV, movies at home or in the theater, not even YouTube videos. I have no idea why, but for the last two months I’ve been going to moves at the theater two-ish times a week. Now I’ve started watching things on Netflix! It eats up days though.

It helps me pass the time; the pain is bad enough that I have to stay in bed mostly. Going to the movies is challenging, but worth it. I consider it a treat, but it hurts!

The worst part of the day was when I was closing a sliding door and smashed my finger. Lol


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