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Saturday night

Hello to everyone who is in the midst of their Saturday night and sweet dreams to those who aren’t!

I had sliders and fries for dinner! On Friday nights there is a food truck gathering nearby and we usually get food from there. We shared what he got, so we each got one hamburger and one that was fried chicken with honey and coleslaw on it. Omg, so good!

I have super glue all over a bunch of my fingers! It wasn’t a glue disaster, I did it on purpose. 😄 When I paint I wash my hands over and over all day, so many brushes to clean! Then they get  painty again, so I wash them another time!😭

I kind of like washing the brushes, I try to be mindful…feel the temperature of the water running on my hands and the pressure of it, too. I like unscented soap so I’m not overwhelmed by a strong, distracting odor. It makes me feel headachy, but that’s just me. I watch the color run off the brushes. It’s different each time. When the water runs clear I stroke them into the proper shape so they dry nicely, and set them in the dish drying rack.

Haha! Tangent! Anyway, all the brush washing, and carelessness, and laziness make my hands crack and have little cuts and nicks on them. They really hurt. But super glue to the rescue! It’s basically a liquid bandage, one that actually works. It protects all ouchy parts and wears off eventually. It’s pretty easy to pick off, too.

I’m tired.

G’night! 😊


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