Yay! Canvases!

Last week I went to Michael’s (arts and crafts store) to buy canvases. Their prices are often twice as much as buying the same thing online. But they usually have good deals on canvases.

That shopping trip was epic!! When I  go to (those stores are huge!) the art supply department I’m always excited to see what deals they have! Lol! Last week there was the best sale I’ve ever seen! 

They were offering top quality gallery wrapped canvases at three the price of one any size!!! I had to read the signs a few times and started to look though what was there, drooling because they were so big! I got big ones but they had some at twice the size!

I’ve been craving painting big so this was a dream come true! I Love making square paintings, so I was thrilled to get a canvas that was 24″x24″! The biggest one I got is 18″x30″ woo woo! 

It feels so good to paint bigger! The paintings look a zillion times better, too.

I read about tarp painting. You can take a a large tarp and tack it on the wall! You can go  on and paint huge but you don’t have to buy expensive canvases and you can fold it up so it takes up lots less storage space. It has an awful lot drawbacks. I wouldn’t do it very often.

And there you have it! 














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