Long time no blog!!!


It’s been eons since I’ve posted anything, but I think it’s time. I’m in one of those, I have absolutely nothing to do but I have been feeling busy…like on long school summer holidays. I am too sick to go out and do anything. When I’m not busy but, lol, I am utterly bored.

I paint almost everyday. i suppose that makes me feel busy. It’s so therapeutic and sooooooooo enjoyable. I don’t always feel like painting, so sometimes I look through older paintings and think of when I painted them…my emotions,thoughts, state of mind, what the colors and shapes mean to me, what I was trying to get across, on and on.

I had a new MRI. Things are degenerating, such that one of the discs is bulging. Last Friday I had another epidural shot of steroids. It helped my legs a bit.

I’m going to post several paintings and a drawing.


p.s. I missed you and WordPress in general. I’ve kept (sort of) in touch with 2 people.

I’m on Instagram mostly. I put lots of my old work and most of my new work.

My Instagram handle is @verycrazyruthie . I don’t use deviantart or Twitter much.I’m going try to be here more.

Lots of love!






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