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thanks dad!

when I first had to get a cane, i hated the idea. I got a cheap aluminum cane from Walgreens. I got used to walking with it, and didn’t hate it so much. people stared and made s huge big deal about opening doors for me whenever I’m using it. getting accustomed  to it.

my father had an awesome idea. he said. use it like an accessory! get a cane you can be proud of! so. for chirstmas he got me a beautiful cane made of Padauk wood.
yay dad! it’s sturdier. beautiful. and is so smooth to the touch.


…and, good news, my new handicapped parking placard came in the mail yesterday! my old one expired a few days ago.shwew! this one is for 6 months. the old one was only for 3.

having the placard allows my to go places I couldn’t go without it!

yay! 😀💜


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