real estate agents are not welcome!

I was sleeping on the couch, pressed up against my giant heating pad because my back hurt a lot. napping was delicious!

ever since I developed spinal stenosis, I spent most of my time upstairs, now I’ve moved into the living room.

the doorbell rang, which was like being pounded in the head in this room. when I answered it and was the horrible real estate agent who bothered us so much a few years ago.

every time he came to the door I want to tell him to fuck off. I didn’t want sell my house then and I still don’t! it’s gone up in value, so he really really wanted to talk to me.

he launched in his small talk  barrage and i was so…tired, grumpy, grungy,in pain and generally antisocial that I slammed the door and turned the deadbolt lock audibly. hrrrumpf!

it was very satisfying!



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