adventurers in trigger finger x10

yesterday I had my 7th surgery, the forth on my hands. I’ve had numerous procedures like spinal cortisone injections etc., too.i consider myself a pro! I didn’t even dread it or have a panic attack! this the second time I’ve had this same surgery. 2x this year! i had very similar surgeries on my right hand a few years ago.

so this time,on the left hand, she removed all of the sleeves that held the ligaments tight (i don’t exactly know what all of this means.). apparently it was what was supposed to be a very small, easy surgery into a huge big deal. the healing time went from a few days to a few weeks.

It’s in a cast for who knows how long.my surgeon gave me a prescription for 10mg percoset. she’s usually really stingy with painkillers, so you know it’s serious!

the pain!!!! it is what it is…


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