writing with nothing to write about

today I feel like writing, but I don’t have anything new or exciting to say, though. maybe i’ll just write random shit about a subject I like a lot…food!

I’m really picky, like, beyond normal picky. I think it has something with my OCD. i’ll like something one day and hate it the next. things like the size and shape of food are considered when i decide what i can eat. this is very challenging to my poor husband, who does all the cooking. I know he gets frustrated by this. so do I. I want to be able to eat predictably. it would make both of our lives easier!

I like eating with spoons, not forks. never forks! forks are for squares! who wants to stab their food when you can just shovel?? fingers are often even better! rip rather than cut. gnaw. nom nom nom!

when I was 5 months old I threw my bottle across the room and that was that! I haven’t had a straight up glass of milk since then. it’s pretty harmless seeming thing, especially the fat free stuff that I use on my cereal. when I eat cereal, I drain the milk off the spoon and eat the cereal that got wet from it. I have a hate hate relationship with dairy products. the one exception is ice cream. I can’t stop thinking that all dairy stuff is rotten. yogurt, of course, is the worst.

I eat pizza without cheese which is just kind of sad. everything falls off and it feels very dry. I miss decent, real pizza, but I’d never be able to eat the cheese. I can see things that look like they would be good, like Greek yogurt or grilled cheese, but I wouldn’t even be able smell them without choking.

I like carbs!! it’s sad but true. I like bread more than chocolate! I feel like a meal is not a real meal without a carb. when we have eggs and bacon, I feel like it’s sorely lacking without toast. we eat chili Cincinnati style (my husband grew up there). the chili goes over spaghetti with toppings like cheese or onions. that’s how it should be! carbs with everything! I know that’s not healthy, and I don’t eat that way all the time, but I loves me some carbs!

I looove fruit! I like apples, nectarines, all sorts of berries,very ripe bananas, kiwi fruit, avocados, tomatoes, grapes, pineapples, melon, mangoes, papya pears, etc.. sometimes cut up fruit with vanilla ice cream can be the best dessert ever! I worry about rottenness and thing like worms inside. cut up is safest.

nuts! I love nuts! the only kind of nuts I don’t like are those without salt!! cashews are my favorites, perfect texture. when I was a kid we always had a big wooden bowl of nuts with a nutcracker and small metal picks, at Christmas time . Brazil nuts are by far the hardest kind to get the shell off.

(switching gears…)

I had a difficult week, mainly because of hip pain. I’m getting to experience many new and exciting sensations of pain. lol! It’s like what people say about Inuit people or Finnish people having a bizzillion words for snow in their vocabularies. i, and probably all chronic pain sufferers, have a zillion different ways to describe pain.

earlier in the week I painted quite a few ATCs. I’m feeling an urge to do something bigger. just talking about painting makes me feel excited ! I tried it 3 times already today, but I’ll give it another go.

time to try to paint!!!!! (wish me luck!)


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