Unorganized thoughts

This is a common thing people do, and I think a lot of people do it because it really is beneficial…so, i am going to commit to writing some sort of blog post everyday for a month. I’m not doing it for longer because my heath and changes in my moods mean that I can’t say i’ll be able to do it for longer.

this can be a big problem for all suffers of chronic pain.  I don’t know how i’ll feel from one day to another.! My pain flares unexpectedly and with variations of intensity. I always have low grade pain, kind of like how you feel the first day you have a cold or the flu. it’s frustrating! Things will be pretty good in the morning but all sorts of things happen to turn things around. Tiny things are big things.

my thoughts are all over the place right now….

Walking with a cane can be fun! I feel dapper with mine. Haha! I saw my psychiatrist today and she said I should allow myself to move slowly. Everything feels better that way. Cars hover around someone who moves slowly across cross walks or in parking lots. As my doctor said, i have deal with being slow because my pain isn’t worth their getting to Starbucks in 5 minutes rather than 4. You really feel the eyes on you as you creep across.

Moving right along…haha….

Today I got 3 1/8th’s kof weed delivered to my door by my wonderful dispensery today. I’ve been smoking strawberry cough all afternoon  and evening because the pain in my leg was very bad. It helps a lot.. it helps a lot for my mood,as well.

This is a crappy post but it’s getting a little late. My feet hiurt in sort of a wiggly, zapping electrocution way. fatigue, my friends, takes the day.



7 thoughts on “Unorganized thoughts”

    1. I’m reall sorry to hear that! I was amazed when my dispensary (harborside health center, in Oakland, CA) started doing delivery and that it was a free service!

      I don’t drive if I can help it and certainly not a long drive (I live 40 minutes from there.). I had to bug my husband to take me up there which was a pain for both of us. ☺

      Good luck! Where do you live?

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      1. i think there are. harborside is the only one i’ve been to. i went there when i first got my card and loved it so much i’ve never been interested in any other. they have another one in san jose. 🙂

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