backs and books

i’ve been away a bit, partly taking a little time off because of my health and partly having fun on twitter with other chronic pain  survivors.

i have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss the results of the MRI and x-rays.  all he’s said so far is that i have spinal stenosis (http://www.spine-health.com/conditions/spinal-stenosis/what-spinal-stenosis) and it’s causing sciatica. his nurse called on friday saying i will being scheduling and epidural for an injection of steroids in my spine. fun fun fun.

the pain is really bad and very restrictive to what i’m able to do. i’ve been spending most of my time either in bed or laying on the couch. i’m trying to take only one or two norco, but it seems like a lot of the time i take 3 or 4 a day. the doc had me up the gabbepentin dose a lot more. i think that might be helping. it surprises me; there are so many different ways pain can feel. it changes a lot from time to time. it changes in severity a lot, too.

yesterday i went to buy a new batman comic book but it was free comic book day (i think it was a nationwide thing) so the shop i got to, which is ALWAYS empty, had a line out the door! i couldn’t believe it! i didn’t even want a free comic book, i mean, it would be nice, but with this pain, standing in line is out of the question. i managed to squeeze inside just to check it out and the line to buy regular comic books, snaked around and around inside (very small store) because all comics were 25% off. i just needed my batman fix, i read volume one and two of the series i’m into and was  desperate for the next one! i left empty handed. meh! bright side…i went back today, no line, no free comics, ahhhh just the usual empty store! i bought the comic i wanted and went home a happy woman.

that was this morning and i’ve been napping ever since (well, after i read a little of the book, gotta stretch it out, they’re expensive!).  i’m feeling better and am even *hoping* to paint.

check back tomorrow for details of the effing squashed disc in my back.



4 thoughts on “backs and books”

    1. Thanks! Me too, but I want time to speed time up til the appt. I’ve been dying to find this stuff for a week!

      Are you a comic book reader? This batman series has the most amazing art. It’s really dark ad stylized. This is gonna be a good one!


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