stress! good stuff! bad stuff!

stressful day!

i went to PT for my hand again and brought the therapist a painting i’d done. wow, she really didn’t get it! i was so uncomfortable. it reminded  me that the general public doesn’t get abstract art.  there were a lot of swirly bits in it and she thought they were letters spelling out something. *sigh* i thought i was giving her something special. meh.

i’m still waiting to hear from the doctor about the MRI results! his office closes at 4 today, so only another 1.5 hours for them to call. i left another message. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i feel super panicky! it’s my spine, dammit, i need to know!

after the disappointing physical therapy appointment i wanted to treat myself (without buying food!) so i went to a fab piercing and tattoo studio that has an incredible selection of organic jewelry. i talked to the owner about the various kinds of earrings he had (there are 100s!) (these are for stretched ears) and i decided on some. i went in there with a pocket full of cash and walked out with half of it still there! he charged me, per pair, the price i thought each earring would be!!!! he’s pierced me before and is a really cool guy. i bought a second pair since they were so much cheaper than i thought they would be!

i generally don’t like being touched, not just by strangers, but by anyone. hugs freak me out. however, i’ve found that i can give a good handshake and not feel bad. i’m proud of my handshaking abilities! hehe i stick my hand out for a shake in lots of situations, i think people might be weirded out about it. i think it’s kind of a strange thing for a woman to do. i have a very warm firm grip and i think i might be squashing people’s hands. lol  i like the piercer/tattoo artist because he has a killer handshake! he’s really big, in every direction, lol, so he’s very strong. excellent shaker!

mad props to Marcello at Wonderland piercing and tattooing studio!

i haven’t had any jewelry in my ears for over a year, so i figured they must have shrunk waaaaay down. but no! they are still big enough for 0g rings. i have to stretch them a little more for the white earrings, but i’ll do it slowly and carefully, unlike my usual attempt to do everything immediately and end up with painful yucky holes.  the green ones fit nicely, so i’ll wear them for now.

the green earrings are glass and the white ones are bone.

new earrings

gotta complain a little more! the sciatica makes me feel like there’s lightening running down my leg. gahhhhh

hope everybody is having a good (or at least decent) day! i’m trying…. 😀


5 thoughts on “stress! good stuff! bad stuff!”

    1. that’s a good way to put it! I can feel that too. it’s like putting a bit of my head, mind, and soul on paper/canvas. that feels like people can examine chunks of me there. that’s why it’s scary to show one’s art to others.

      people don’t like abstract work because they don’t see the emotion or energy in it. they expect sheer technical skills…they want realism or and abstracts by famous artists.

      thanks so much for all the likes and comments!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you’re welcome. the general public, is conditioned…. to view art pretty much in the vein of ‘it is Good, IF it looks Just Like The Photograph’ – but, its only because they haven’t been around art, or artists!! imo


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