BIG drawing WIP

i started the drawing! it took a little while to make the design. then i drew it in pencil and inked it. i chose the colors and now for the hard part. the sharpie is just to get an idea of how big the paper is. (dimensions… 22″x30″)  thus far it’s been going really well. i hope i don’t get sick of it before i can finish it. i’m pretty into it, though. 🙂

here’s the description of the project…

https://crazyruthie.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/big-bigger-biggest-a-drawing-project/large checkered drawing line art WIP

our water heater is busted. i had to turn the water off. i am freaking out horribly. my husband called a plumber but he hasn’t called back yet. i had to cancel the cleaning woman. they usually come on fridays. she was very nice about it. i know it totally messes up their day.


3 thoughts on “BIG drawing WIP”

  1. Hey Ruthie it’s called life,this is what happens to mechanical things they break down,most of the time when opportunity doesn’t knock,but you have some diversion,your art as long as the rest of the house didn’t float a way you will be all right

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