today i did something fun and spontaneous that i didn’t get worried about at all!  i think even people without anxiety problems would feel hesitant about it.

i went to my local starbucks to get iced tea (yayayyayayayay for summer, it’s iced tea time again!), and saw a store that i knew was there, but never really thought about it. what was it? ……a comic book store! the dude i talked to at  the store actually looked like “comic book guy” on the Simpsons. hehe.

it was a big empty room with lots of racks and shelves of books run by two very dorky guys who were talking to each other. no one else  was in there. i didn’t think twice, just walked on in. i can imagine it making a lot of people apprehensive…something you know nothing about, people you  know nothing about, something specialized that you’re  not into….

when in i walked in the door i said, i’ve never bought a comic book in my life, but i love batman. he showed me all kinds of cool stuff and i bought one! he asked me, how dark do you like your batman? dark as dark can be! the darkest!

he picked a series that he thought i’d like and i bought the first one. it’s gorgeous. beautiful slick paper, very detailed exciting drawings… i can tell i’m gonna love it, even though i’ve just paged through it a little, (i’m saving it for when i can concentrate on it.) if only because  the art is so awesome.

this is a brand new experience  for me! i felt so confident going into the shop. i was able to make an informed choice, and i communicated just fine!

there are a lot in the series, maybe this will give me something new to collect!

happy sunday! 🙂


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