tropical storm brewing and STP

tropical storm brewing 1.1

i painted this yesterday. it took quite awhile to dry because the layers of paint are very thick.

acrylics on 8″x10″ watercolor paper, palette knives.

in the past painted a lot of with acrylics, but then i switched to watercolors and high flow acrylics for a very long time. i had a bunch of acrylic paint tubes on my desk and i was feeling inspired by some paintings i saw on deviant art, so i decided to go for it! i’m quite pleased with the outcome.

i think it looks like a cold front clashing with a warm front, causing a big storm,  way off shore. the two sides struggle for dominance.

i’ve been listening to Stone Temple Pilots constantly and the song i listed to on repeat while painting this is “Dead and Bloated.”


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