shutter, psychedelic drawing

sorry to spam you with posts!  i’ll stop, just gotta show you this, because it’s another one that took me a stupid amount of time to draw and i like the way it turned out. i put a little structure into it this time. this is the last piece in my latest moleskeine journal. i’m working on a different journal now.

i have to have one of this super detailed sharpie drawings going on at all times! i decided i would do this again, slightly more complex and almost twice as big. i’m going to time this one, to see if it takes as long as i think it does.

hope you like this! 🙂


8 thoughts on “shutter, psychedelic drawing”

    1. thanks sheldon! you’ll be pleased to know that my husband suggested that i do a similar piece on a larger piece of bristol. maybe i’ll just keep making them bigger and bigger and bigggggger!


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