yay! and boo!

most of my meeting with my psychiatrist was talking about the pain and that i am having a depression relapse.

i went to whole foods again and bought some incredible cookies. i ate them sitting in my car at the clinic parking lot. the appointments were too close together to go home (and the doctors are both at the same clinic) so i just hung out freaking out.

the yay is that i really do have bursitis and not something super scary. the boo is that bursitis is a much bigger deal than i thought. she gave me a big shot of anti inflammatories  and  told me to have my  orthopedic surgeon  give me a shot of cortisone in my hip and….more painkillers.



10 thoughts on “yay! and boo!”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the physical pain and how it’s messing with you but unfortunately that’s how it works,I can’t tell you how many down days I have because of it,but if you don’t give in and take that pain a little less seriously it’s a lot better then the pills or the shots,yesterday was mine they had to cut my toe nail because it is ingrown,sounds nasty but I’m use to it
    I do understand though,keep those cookies handy
    As always Sheldon

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    1. thanks sheldon, you’re the best! i spent most of the afternoon hanging out on the couch trying not to feel sorry for myself cause i hurt so bad, but i finally got up and came to the computer and here’s this great message from you! you’re right, i need to take it less seriously! it’s a problem, not the end of the world!

      those cookies were incredibly good…i’ll share in just a moment…hehe

      i’m sorry to hear about the toenail, i’ve had that very mildly and i know it hurts like hell. hope you’re feeling better! 🙂


  2. I have bursitis also 😦 At this time last year I could not even pick up a coffee cup with my left hand due to the pain in my elbow. That lasted 6+ mths before it diminished. Not too long after that in my left knee… back to the elbow on right side. It’s crazy painful! I do have it in my hips much of the time but nothing like the other joints.

    Glad you got a firm diagnosis about it.

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  3. now that i have bursitis, i’m finding out that lots of people do! if you asked me three weeks ago what it was, i wouldn’t have a clue. do you know why you got it? i’m very glad that it’s short term, although it sounds like the way you get it is like it’s chronic. do you have other join problems? have you ever had anything like the anti-inflammatory injection or the cortisone injection? i know from past experience that cortisone is like majic.

    sounds awful! do you take anything for it now? thank’s for sharing, i don’t know anyone in real life that has had it.

    sorry to hear you have to go through it too! ❤


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