a bipolar weekend

i’ve had the kind of weekend that makes me feel especially bipolar!

andrew took the day off on friday so we could hang out. we watched a marathon of Archer. i got super stoned and laughed until it hurt and i felt dumb. lol! then i started to feel like i was missing life because of all the things that keep me from doing all the things i want to. Β it’s just a huge list of things that provoke anxiety and fear. bleh.

it was my birthday on saturday. andrew made me chewy chocolate and macadamia nut cookies! i refuse to divulge how many i ate! i got lots of birthday wishes online, yay! i bought myself some luxurious stationery as a birthday gift. i want to use my dip pens to make epic letters, dunno who i’ll send ’em to, but we’ll see. i just had to have it!

when i logged on today i saw that one of the photographs in my neighborhood series was made a “Daily Deviation” or DD on deviantart. it’s a pretty big deal. there are a lot of categories and they choose something from each category to put on the front page each day and it gets a lot of attention. this was my first, although i had one in another account. it’s hard to describe, kinda like an honor.

i was floored, especially because it was photography. i’m a painter! i’m glad my project is being recognized though!

this is the photo they chose…


it’s been raining and chilly. my bursitis and my arthritis are very unhappy. i spent a long time on the couch today. standing hurts but sitting upright hurts even more. i have to be laying down mostly. so many things i want to do. (i think i sound a bit manic!) it’s frustrating.

i’ve been working on another of those super detailed drawings. i was getting very close to being finished and then the ultra fine sharpie that i was using broke. the nib snapped right off. strange! it was the only one of that color i had. i went to a few places to get another set, just to get that one color, i HAD to finish it! all you people with OCD will Β understand that. πŸ™‚ everything was closed really early for easter. i’m there, tomorrow i’ll be there!

i started a new journal today. don’t know what to think about that.

i had a lot of down points today, too. my moods were swinging pretty quickly. as i say, i “fell off a cliff…” several times. i kept trying to tell myself it wasn’t ok to get upset during my birthday weekend. andrew and i have a little pact about that. certain times are off limits for freak outs. it usually Β  works pretty well. the anxiety was powerful today.

i had a really hard time keeping track of time this weekend. i always thought it was later or earlier than it was. i did some really nice cuddling with mackie on the sofa. he’sssssssssss sooooooooo cute!

so sleepy right now, but i’m gonna fight it cause i really DO not want to have trouble sleeping tonight!

i don’t really know what to do with myself. damn i wish i had that marker!

so slllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


4 thoughts on “a bipolar weekend”

  1. Happy belated birthday! πŸ™‚ And also congrats on the DD. I remember that platform in my college days for art. Good memories. Sorry to hear the swings are being extreme. Hope they balance out soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know that the DnD thing was used elsewhere. Groovy. You studied art? Cool! Thus far today is more chill. The huge swings just blow my mind, even after all this time! πŸ™‚


  2. Happy Bithday to you,Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday dear ruthie happy birthday toooooooooooo you
    Now congrats on your props I knew you had it all the time your work is great and you should be recognized for it,I will catch up,but that’s a other story
    Great work
    Stay lose
    As always Sheldon


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