alternative medicine?

i have a friend that is a witch, a wiccan witch, a good witch, a witch that makes potions!

when i told her about my chronic pain, she gave me the recipe for a muscle and joint rub. she said she formulated it for a person with MS and it really helped a lot.

i am a believe in modern, western medicine. i’ve had problems that required surgery, and i take lots of pharmaceutical medications. i like to think i’m an open minded person, and therefore i find both the alternative, holistic approach to health care. i don’t think that it’s a black and white, right and wrong thing. i like to use them both. one doesn’t rule out the other.

the herbal remedy my friend has created is a secret recipe. srsly, she won’t let me give it out! let’s just say it’s made of essential oils. i ordered all the ingredients on amazon and they’re arriving today. i can’t wait to mix it up and give it a try!

i can use it for my hands, my knees, and my hips. w00t!

what do you think about medicine? western? eastern? ย how about science vs practical knowledge? or pills vs herbal remedies? old world medical practices vs the latest, greatest treatment your M.D. wants you to try?

i’d love to know what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚


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