the latest installment in the neighborhood series.

occasionally i include the rest of the series in one of the new posts just so people can get a better feel for what i’m doing and i think they’re more pleasing to see together. so here are the rest! (not in order because it doesn’t matter what comes first or last or in between.)

241 240.1 239 238 237 324 235 236 233 232 231 230 229 228 226


7 thoughts on “242”

  1. Hi Ruthie,

    I very much like your neighborhood series of photographs. They have somewhat of a retro feel for me…and it makes me think I would like living in your neighborhood! My neighborhood is very southwestern and suburban…not nearly as interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you very much! it’s not as interesting as it seems, tricks of the camera and ps. it’s quite nice though. i like california architecture though, stucco and warm colors.

      it’s a great place to live! you’re right, it looks retro in the photos, it’s actually almost brand new. we bought our house before it was built. that was about 15 years ago.

      i’m so glad you like the series! there will be more! 🙂


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