part of the neighborhood series.


8 thoughts on “240”

    1. thanks very much! i’ve been having fun with them lately. how’s your pain level today? 🙂

      i just got up about an hour ago and took a norco, but i still feel pretty horrible. coffee and breakfast will help!

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      1. You’re welcome – they haven’t been great tbh but then again that’s pretty normal for me these days and is something I need to get used to… Sorry to hear you still feel pretty horrible, I hope it eases for you soon…

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      2. Thank you, I appreciate that you are sweet enough to wish me less pain! Getting out of bed in the morning almost makes me cry, but by now ( I got up 1.5 hours ago) I’m doing ok. 🙂

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      3. 🙂 thanks! for some reason the noon painkiller works so much better than the one i take first in the morning. i guess it has less pain to deal with. i’m functional now. 😀

        the thing about my pain is that it makes me sooooo tired.

        what’s your pain like?

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      4. I’m glad you’re functional now… My pain isn’t great, I’m pretty much sedentary these days & have to rely a lot on other people to get by, but, hey ho – it is what it is…


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