the day is off to a bad start

this morning i woke up and immediately had a crappy start to the day. i realized i left my phone in the bed which means, first,that i didn’t charge it and second, that i have to search through the covers to find it. i don’t know if anyone else is like this, but i can’t exist without my phone while i’m waking up. it’s my version of reading the paper, like people used to do. i check my mail, all my social media, various comics and blogs i read, texts, voice mail messages, etc. etc. i sit in a comfy chair with a big glass of ice water and slowly come to life.

i was searching through the bed and andrew snapped at me,  can’t you just call it and hurry up finding it. i was a little shocked, he almost never acts like that. i got the landline and found the phone had slipped behind the head board on the bed. i reached down as far as i could, and it wasn’t far enough. i used the cordless phone to try to push my cell phone to a place where i could reach it. meanwhile it was ringing all the time. he snapped again, leave it there until i get up! i started panicking and at the last moment reached the phone and got out of the bedroom.

he NEVER acts like that! granted, i was being annoying, but it’s always like that! i guess he was sleepy and didn’t have much patience. finally i had my water and my daily reading on the phone. i’m pleased with myself though, i didn’t keep panicking and get hurt and angry, like i usually would have. i was able to realize that it was just a little snippy moment and not the end of the world. if he ever says a sharp word to me, i fall apart. i didn’t want to get in a fight, or ruin our morning, so i had a talk with myself, lol, and decided to just ignore it.

when he got out of the shower and came downstairs for breakfast he was his normal cheerful self. i was pretty chill and it just passed.

hooray for not freaking out!

the bursitis seems even worse. the doctor told me i could take another pain pill everyday, making it a total of 4, because my pain was still so bad. no fun!

i have physical therapy today. i think it’s making my hand feel better!

now i feel tired and grumpy, despite all those jolly things i just said. meh.

i want to paint, i want to make a collage, i want to take some photos. i don’t feel inspired to do any of that. i’m working on a complex doodle again and that is bugging the crap out of me. i’m only doing it cause i can’t get myself to do anything else. i get hooked on wanting to make art, even if i feel like i can’t. it sucks because what i ought to do is read a book, watch a movie, go look for shadows to shoot, or even sleep. none of it seems possible.

mood crashing. :/


5 thoughts on “the day is off to a bad start”

  1. picturing you rummaging around the bed looking for your phone made me chuckle. sorry.
    hope the rest of the day goes well for you
    love the painting and i still think you should have an art show

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it would have been funny if he hadn’t been in the bed! lol. i should really know better than to leave it there! lol

      thanks, i’m wallowing in my self pity at the moment, but hopefully the day will sort itself out.

      yay! i’m really glad you like it. i wouldn’t mind having a show, but i don’t even know what to do to start making it happen.

      i’m thinking i might need cookie therapy! are you familiar with Whole Foods? it’s a fab upscale hippy grocery store. their baked goods are divine. i’m getting more and more tempted!

      how are you? happy day off! 🙂


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