chronic pain spreads

welcome  to chronic pain central!

i’ve been dealing with chronic pain for 20 years. lately when i get out of bed in the morning i can barely walk, i ache all the time. i thought it was because my blood sugar isn’t so great (though it’s much much better than before) or anxiety. it finally got bad enough that i made an appointment with my PCP and saw her today. she had me lay on the exam table and moved my body around. she pushed my hip back a bit and omg i yelled! pain went shooting, like a blast of lightening, from my hip to my ankle.

she says i have bursitis in my hip. she gave me A LOT of painkillers, good ones, too. you know you’re not doing well when they shove narcotic pain medicine  at you. i’m supposed to take  4 a day now.

she prescribed some topical gel that acts as an anti-inflammatory since i’m already taking tylenol and even ibuprofen if my stomach is feeling strong.

i had a feeling that the pain was too bad to be something unimportant. i started to get scared, wondering if i had rheumatoid arthritis.

the treatment options are pretty much the same as for my knees…stretch, perform certain exercises, ice it, try not to move it too much, take the pain meds. sometimes surgery is recommended.

i don’t think it’s really hit me yet, but it will seem so awful that i have a new pain that won’t go away.

i want to ask the stupidest question there is is…why me? why do i keep getting new things wrong with me?  it’s hard not to wallow in it.


20 thoughts on “chronic pain spreads”

  1. I have bursitis in my shoulders, diagnosed decades ago. But I don’t think it’s a pain that gets that much worse, just always a stiffness and ache, which stretching helps. The bursitis pain is not even close to being as bad as the jaw and facial pain, so for me, it’s just a small part of the whole. It used to get really bad, though, where I’d get what’s called frozen shoulder, where I couldn’t lift my arm without sharp pain.

    I’m not sure any treatment helped that much in the long-term, but with the frozen shoulder, I used to get Soma, a muscle relaxer. Doctors don’t like to prescribe it anymore, especially in combination with pain meds — and maybe it should only be used for flares, especially if you’re having trouble walking. Water therapy is good too, if you have access to a pool and like to swim.

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    1. Omg soma is scary. Several years ago I took some to replace flexeril because it was too strong and addictive. I ended up in the hospital with no memory of how I got ther. It was srsly a mistake, just bad judgment. I wasn’t intending to kill myself.

      I hope this isn’t too personal. But what do you have that you have that makes you hurt so much? Yeah,the bursitis is nowhere as bad as my knees, but it, still is debilitating. .
      I think the medical mj will help lots. There is a pool in the complex. That sounds like it would d feel good!

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      1. I’m just curious, what else were you taking with the Soma/Flexeril?

        My pain began as a toothache, which turned out to be a joint problem, probably an injury from competitive sports. The jaw joint is called the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, which is what I have. Lots of therapies made it worse, including surgery, so now instead of just one toothache, all my teeth ache, along with my face, ears, head. And then the pain traveled…

        Unfortunately, swimming doesn’t help me, besides the fact that I don’t particularly like the water. But it’s a great sensation, floating in the pool, and should take some of the stress of your joints. Hope you try it, if you can.


  2. I get a massage every week,to be more straight forward it’s called reiki I have been doing it for 10years plus it has saved me so I can’t begin to say,I can’t do pills anymore,this is the only thing that works,I’m even certified to do it on my immediate family I have used it on the pooch to calm her down

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  3. Pool therapy might help a great deal with helping you move without putting weight on that hip. Chronic pain sucks. My theory is that somehow it triggers depression which causes a bad cycle to start. Make sure your head is getting plenty of loving too.

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    1. Ohh thanks! Well, I’m bipolar so that’s already happening lol. I feel so old.

      Pool therapy is a great idea! Maybe I will be able to put on a swimsuit if ever one else there would be ill and decrepit like me. Te he! Thanks for the idea,it could be an option sometime. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, dear! Oh boy I hope that’s not what i’m heading for! Chronic pain makes life so difficult. If I need something from upstairs and I’m downstairs I have to force myself to go up and get it because going up the stairs is awful. 😦 I guess one has to keep on going no matter what. The other option is unacceptable! Hugs!

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      1. thank you so much! the hug is much appreciated! luckily i don’t work, so i can rest as much as i want! lately i’ve been parking myself on the couch, reading, drawing, and hanging out with my puppeh who, for some reason, adores the couch. ❤


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