acrylics on an 8″x10″ canvas board. palette knives and brushes.

i thought the white looked like wind whipping around. gusting snow, dynamic, strange figures you can see in the walls of snow blowing around.
what do you see?


10 thoughts on “blizzard”

    1. i got it slight wrong, it’s Donner’s Pass. there were a group of settlers going though the sierra nevada mountains to get to california which they thought was like paradise. (i think this happened mid 19C (i could have the details of this all wrong).

      they were going through Donner’s Pass to make it through the mountains and got stuck in the snow and ice. they were there for a long time and everyone was starving and there was nothing to kill for food. they ended up eating the horses and then…they ate each other. there were some left and that’s where the story comes from. i think it’s at least partially true…

      pretty scary!


      1. yes, i’m afraid so. i guess it would be equally bad if you got stuck in your car in a blizzard to long you had to eat each other! not a very pleasant story, though.


  1. Beautiful painting. Reminds me of my front and back yard this morning . . . grrrrrr . . . need Spring! In all honesty, I love how I can see wind gusts against a house almost like waves slapping a shore. Again, beautiful.

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    1. Grrrr… (I say that, too!) Still have snow and ice? Where do you live? It was 82 here yesterday! (Not to rub it in or anything!!! Lol) your description of winter wind is excellent! It’s been a windy winter here! My poor dog hates wind. Glad you like the painting, though!

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      1. Oh noes! Isn’t that like the coldest winter place in northern America? Lol how far is that from the US border? When does spring start for you! My gamma lived up near Canada in the very most northern part of Michigan. The winters there were horrible, must be even worse for you,!!


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