this is today’s photograph in my series of houses in my neighborhood and trees, often with shadows.

i took this, like the others in the series, while walking my dog. the trees in this one are gorgeous, with white flowers all over it. it seems idylic, i think.

what do you think about the borders i made around this photo (the outlines of black/white/black)? good? bad? neutral?

the rest of the series…226 228 229 231 324 233 232 230


15 thoughts on “235”

    1. It sort of is! I don’t even lock my front door. The are gates which you need a remote to open. It kinda makes me feel bad. It’s pretty snooty, actually kind of obnoxious. But it’s pretty an clean and quite. There are gardeners work on the trees, ivy, flowers, grass.

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      1. Well, as long as you are safe and happy! That’s important. I can’t wait for it to warm up where I am. The sunshine and I miss each other!

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      2. thanks. i love it here. we bought this house before it was built! we’ve lived here 14 years and i have no interest in moving. i should be grateful for that! how many people get to live where they want to.

        we have lots of sunshine, i’ll send some your way! πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Crazy, I really love this series of strong shadows. They are great in BW which is so refreshing. As you may have seen from my new blog, I love vibrant colours and shadows. Thankfully I travel for work and am often in warm and sunny places such as California! Unfortunately the last time I was in San Francisco this January there was a heavy rain storm. Still, I managed to find sun in Las Vegas later in the week!

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    1. thanks so much stu! i’m glad you like them! for a long time i only took abstract photos, particularly up close , though not as close as to be macro. the thing i didn’t like was that most people spent their time looking at it wondering what it was. gah! i tried to explain that what it was, literally, was the least important thing.

      these b&w, more recognizable photos with theme are something new to me. i sure am enjoying taking them! i really groove on editing them, too.

      i live really close to san francisco. it’s always so chilly and foggy. i have taken pictures outside museums like the Legion of Honor, SF MOMA, and the de Young . i ‘d love to take more pics there, maybe on a rare sunny day!

      i betcha found light in vegas! i would think there weren’t that many shadows!

      travelling for business must give you a lot of good photo ops!


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      1. LOL, I know what you mean about people asking what. I get this quite a lot when I am taking photos – what are you taking photos of. Had this in Anchorage last year, guy asked if I had spotted an eagle – no I am taking a photo of that wall LOL! I would prefer them to ask why! I quite like objects that are recognisable, but with unusual composition or perspective. Yes about San Francisco, most of my work is in southern CA, although I have been in Santa Monica when it was snowing! Las Vegas was nice,!

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      2. That’s a good way to think of it…a different way of looking at realistic things. I always felt like it was a guessing game! Lol

        Haha! Standing around shooting things that seem dull or pointless make people really confused! Lol. It snowed in Santa Monica?? That’s odd!

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