unhappy anniversary, mom and dad

divorce. it’s something that never goes smoothly, that affects children and adults, that  leaves mental scars and that ruins people’s lives for at least a short period of time, or much longer for others.

my parents divorced when i was 15. they were married 20+ years, most of which was filled with anger, tears, and resentment. my mother was abusive to me, and you don’t hear about this much, but she was an abusive spouse as well. i couldn’t have been happier that they were splitting, hoping i’d be able to escape from my mother. no such luck. my father was in my life even less than when he was married to my mother. she was so angry and devastated by the divorce that she had to take it out on someone, or at least that was what was in her nature. she took out everything she would have liked to have done to my father, to me. she lied about every bit of their marriage and her life before and after the divorce.

we all suffered and everybody pretty  much ended up hating the other parties in the disaster. it was a messy ugly divorce, not that there could be an easy divorce ever, but this was epic.  i could go on and on but the fact of the matter is that they needed to be divorced, despite the pain we all felt.

i didn’t escape though. my father sunk himself into his relationship with my stepmother (their affair was what sparked things until the divorce was inevitable.) both parents were so involved with their nervous breakdowns to notice me or try to help me get through the nightmare. .

today, march 26, is their wedding anniversary, or what would have been if they’d lasted this long. *shiver of horror*

i talked to my father about it last week and he’d forgotten all about what day the anniversary was. i told him how upset i was and he seemed really surprised. am i the only one who got divorced? people tell me i’m too old to feel this way about it. it’s lodged in my mind forever. i haven’t had contact with my mother since i realized how the way she acted and the way she treated me was unacceptable. that was about 10 years ago.

today is a painful day for me. my dad and stepmother are leaving for their trip back to their house in england, brighton to be exact, today. it cuts me to the bone. i feel like mourning, there is so much wrapped up in this date. i hate it.

unhappy anniversary, mom and dad. :/


4 thoughts on “unhappy anniversary, mom and dad”

  1. All I can say Ruthie is that I’m still trying to sort out my past,you’ve read it,as I’ve grown I’ve learned how to quiet it,listen it’s never easy to heal,it’s only when I believe I deserve more from life than all its pain,did some of the pain go away,it’s only when I learned that happiness was a big part of life did the pain was less,you have your art,your dog,a husband who lives you very much,you have a beginning to let some of that stuff go
    I will send you lite and love
    As always Sheldon

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    1. you are so kind and sweet, sheldon. i think if i felt like i could love myself more i would need them less, so i’m sure your right.

      i was scared to get married and didn’t know if it could be anything but unhappy. you’re right again. my husband and i are truly going to be together forever. no question in my mind. we treat each other so much better than my parents did.

      i’m certainly a helluva lot better off than when i was younger.

      thanks so much for your support! ❤

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  2. Some types of anniversary bring back good memories which is why we celebrate them. Other anniversaries are harder to deal with for a variety of reasons. Now you’re through this one for another year look towards the next happy one that’s coming up 🙂

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    1. You’re so right! My plan is to celebrate (send flowers or something) their anniversary, it’s December 31, not hard to remember! I’ve never acknowledged it before, their marriage brings up so many weird feelings. I think I’ll try get into it. She makes him happy and that makes me happy!

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