old thing, 2013

old thing

this is a abstract photograph that i took shortly after i returned from a trip to england and france. my dad lives in brighton (UK) and when i went to visit him we took a hovercraft from the southern coast of england to Dieppe (france). we spent the day wandering around the town, taking a bus ride to see the sites of historic interest, and going to a bakery and using my pathetic french to ask to buy a baguette. it was delicious, unlike any bread you’d get outside of france. at a particularly warm part of the early afternoon we stopped at an outdoor cafe and drank a few pints of french beer. nom!

after more walking to stopped at a little place where you could see the marina from. we had ‘moules frites’ (mussels and chips/fries), a strange salad and red wine.  we shopped a little after lunch, making a lucky find of a herbalist/Buddhist/spiritual store tucked away in  a dark. cool, courtyard. it was very small and packed full with cool stuff.

i found the subject of the picture there, marked down 70%. it’s a carved wood buddha statue, about 8″ tall and 5″ wide at the base. the wood is solid so it was very heavy. it was quite expensive even after the huge price reduction, but it seemed meant to be for me. i bought it and lugged it all the home on the plane.

it’s beautiful, full of details and wonderful designs. i collect buddha statues and i liked this one especially much because it was an Indian buddha, thin and serious, unlike chinese buddhas which tend to be rolly polly and happy. i like the indian ones better, they seem more respectful and holy.

i thought it would make a good abstract photo with all the detail and the dappled light it was in.  i think it turned out pretty well. the statue sits on my desk and is a reminder of a great day i had with my dad. 🙂


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