have a splendid day!

i scribbled this down in my journal when i was thinking about it…

i was thinking of going back to bed and crying myself to sleep. i was going to decide the day was horrible and write the whole thing off.

then i remembered my husband saying “have a splendid day!” as he was leaving for work. he always does that. he tells me to have some sort of incredibly over the top way to tell me to have a good day. he says, have an epic day! or have the best day you’ve ever had! or have a really fun day!

i usually grumble because i know i’m going to have a shitty day and he ought to know that and should comfort me.

just now i started thinking about it the way he says those and how special it was that he did that. he was trying to make me feel better, to make me laugh, to give me a boost, to tell me he loves me. no matter how bitchy i am he keeps doing it.

so today i’m going to have a splendid day!


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