fire in the sky, an ATC

ATC fire in the sky

this is an ATC…Artist Trading Card. the cards come in a standard size…2.5″x3.5″ this one is made of watercolor paper. you can buy them ready to use, but i find that it’s much cheaper to cut larger pieces of watercolor paper into this size. artists swap them and sometimes sell them. it’s a cool way to get a little original piece of art.

this is a mixed medium piece. i used colored india ink, watercolors, acrylic ink, and high flow acrylics. there’s some iridescent paint as well as some bronze acrylic ink on there, you can’t really see it here, but it’s *shiny* in person.

i layered color after color of orange, yellow, red, pink, purple, and brown. the colors are deep and very opaque. it’s a very small card, as i said, but i spent a long time on it!

for some reason i’ve been thinking about the oil fires that occurred in Iraq. i thought of heat and flame that was so intense it blotted out the sky. i remember reading in national geographic that the people who fought the fire were incredibly well paid, brave, and constantly in danger, not to mention the insane temperatures they had to endure.

i hope i portrayed the intensity of the fires well. 🙂 thanks for looking! 🙂


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