yesterday it was rainy all morning and i was disappointed because i really wanted to get out and shoot some more photos. shadows are an important part of the photos i’ve been taking lately, so a rainy day was no good for taking pictures. luckily…the sun came out in the afternoon. i wandered around my street to look at shadows on houses, mostly. the other thing i’ve been doing is making this series about houses in the neighborhood. you can probably tell that in the photos.

i ended up taking a lot of photos that could be potentially be good. this was my favorite, though. i like the way the shadows of the branches on the side of the house make it seem like the tree has twice as many branches. this is my usual format, black and white and square.  🙂


2 thoughts on “230”

  1. Awesome! You were really in tune with what I was trying to do. There is depth since the shadows are behind actual tree. The tree could have a face(s). Glad you like it and thanks for commenting


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