i spoke to my dad on the phone today. he lives in Brighton (UK) and i live in California. i have problems with travelling so i don’t get to see him very often. he comes to visit, but i wish i saw him more.

when i first got diabetes and was in the hospital for a week, he was over there and going out of his mind with worry. he offered to come here, but my husband told him it wouldn’t help since i was in the ICU and couldn’t have coherent conversations, etc.

when we were saying goodbye today, he said, remember i am always only a phone call or plane ride away.

i cried when we were off the phone. that kind of love is so beautiful

we talk on the phone every week. yay for dads!


12 thoughts on “yay!”

  1. When the connection is made between father and daughter there will always be tears in love ,sadness can be happiness, just as tears can be love,you take this star and hang it the sky when times are such there aren’t,for a starrless sky can only speak when there isn’t a connection inside
    This for you to keep on your refrigerator
    and read whenever you like

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  2. I would give almost anything to have one more phone call with totally lovely hero of a Dad but this can never happen again, I miss him beyond belief so its lovely to read your words about your Dad crazyruthie. Brighton is only a few hours car drive away from me and Steves brother lives there!

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    1. I’m sorry your dad is gone! How long ago did he die? I worry about when my dad will go. He’s 74, but in excellent health. He gets sweeter and more lovey dovey as he gets older. It’s really nice. šŸ™‚

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      1. Almost 5 years crazyruthie. Losing him was almost unbearable and now I’m losing my Mum. The only way I can console myself is that they will be back together soon which is all Mum has wanted since he parted. They were true soul mates.

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      2. Oh sweetie, life can be so painful. You’re right, think how glad they’ll be to see each other! They will have an eternity to be together and love each other. Some day you’ll get to be with them again! ā¤

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      3. Hey there crazyruthie. Yes I am around but not posting just now for obvious reasons. Nursing Mum as we got here home. It is terrible I have to say. I try to be strong but she is deteriorating day by day which is so hard to see. We can only hope it is over for her soon and she can be back with my lovely Dad where she longs to be. Regarding how I feel, words come hard right now. My brother, sister in law and I are giving 24hr care, taking it in shifts so we are always here for her. Its just so hard, so sad, so bloody horrendous. Words right now mean nothing but everything too. It’s just crap for sure. My eyes are sore and my heart aches, nothing more to say just now. Don’t forget me missus, I will be back soon as I can. Hope things are ok for you. Take care and stay strong yourself crazyruthie. šŸ™‚

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      4. Hi Annie, i’m doing just fine, other than feeling sad that life is treating you and your family so harshly. I am sending you good energy which I hope with give strength.

        I’d never forget you dear, you’re a pretty awesome person. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be around when you feel like talking. Big hugs and warm thoughts. You can do it. ā¤

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      5. Thank you crazyruthie so much. It is just life isn’t it, the only guarantee there is šŸ˜¦
        Im not awesome at all missus but will take the compliment gladly lol x Yes when this is all done and over, I will be back, stronger than ever with more words than you can imagine!!
        Hugggs back at ya and thanks for the positive message, means a lot. You take care please.

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      6. you’re welcome sweet annie. i know you will make it through this, though with many tears. i’ll be thinking of you and looking forwards to your posts when your world is a better place. lots of love, and i’ve always got a warm positive feelings to send you! ā¤

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