yesterday i felt happy!

yesterday afternoon i felt stressed and depressed, anxious and cantankerous.

i take my dog out so he can potty on a set schedule, to make it easier on myself and to make sure he gets a chance to do his business before he becomes uncomfortable.usually i dread the times i take him out because i feel very paranoid, being out there where people can see me. but when it came time for the 4 o’clock walk, i grabbed a tennis ball and a bottle of water. i asked him if he wanted to play ball, he perks and tilts and his tail quivers; i can tell he’s super excited.

it was very warm and sunny outside, true spring. i sat on my front steps, chilling, drinking my water and throwing the ball. he was thrilled! it was the first time we played ball since last summer. he was having so much fun! so was i! sitting there in the sunlight, shorts on, bare foot and a joyous dog! what else could you want.

i felt happy. i forgot about everything that normally fills my mind and played. yay!

dog park mackie running 1

look at how perky he looks, running back to me with the ball….



5 thoughts on “yesterday i felt happy!”

    1. Hi Sheldon! Are you taking university classes? What did you do in art class today?

      Thanks! My envelope pushing skills are all ready to create something when i get home. I’m at physical therapy using the mobile app. 🙂

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