klonopin vs xanax

i took klonopin for anxiety and panic for many years. about a year ago it seemed like it wasn’t helping like it had been. i’m sure i was building up more tolerance over time. also, i started reading things about benzos and talking to people who used them and the consensus seemed to be that xanax was better.

i started the xanax after that and didn’t get much improvement. we upped the dose a bit and it was ok, nothing special. i really got to hate having to take it 4x daily (1mg/dose), and since it’s so short acting, if i missed a dose, or took one late, i really felt horrible.

i saw my psychiatrist this morning. we talked about it and decided to go back to klonopin 2mg 3x daily. ย i took my first one shortly after i got home from the pharmacy. i don’t feel anything different one way or the other, but i know it’s way too soon to tell.

has anyone else had experience with both of them, or know anything about it? i’ve read a lot of stuff online; call me old fashioned, but ย i really rather ask real people that i’m familiar with to tell me about their experiences . even if you haven’t tried both specifically, what thoughts do you have about sedatives?


8 thoughts on “klonopin vs xanax”

    1. Wow, cool. How much did you pay for your 215 card? I’ve had mine for three years. When I got it the first time it was $150. The two renewals were both $50. I guess I was lucky!

      I think about people who never would have imagined that they would smoke marijuana, but then decided they wanted to use it as medicine. Like the person in the article said, you could never find a connection in that situation!

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      1. Initially, I paid over $300 to have two doctors certify me for “severe chronic pain.” When it came time for the second-year renewal, requiring the same expense, I couldn’t afford it. I was legal for one year… and it was a very expensive year.

        There’s also talk of rules given to doctors by the Department of Health which say a patient’s medical records can’t be older than 5 years, including MRIs and X-rays. And of course with a 25-year medical history of pain, most of my records are over 5 years old.

        Yes, you were lucky. In some states, just for the card alone (not including doctor visits), it costs hundreds of dollars every year.


    2. I take them for anxiety. I’m bipolar, so i’m already being treated for just about mental illness in the book! Bud is nice with either. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ativan is a benzo too, so it’s basically the same thing only stronger. All that stuff is for anxiety, doesn’t help with pain. But it makes my life an awful lot better! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. My psychiatric nurse is not a fan of having to take Klonopin or Xanax daily. She’s the type who believes these two medications should be taken only for sudden panic attacks, but that for anxiety / panic disorders in general there are other drugs that work better. In her experience, taking either one long term, every day will eventually decrease all effectiveness of it. You definitely want to ask your psychiatrists his thoughts on this. All providers differ so much and have different opinions.

    I’ve been on both Klonopin and Xanax. I prefer Xanax. Klonopin just made me very, very irritable. I do notice the Xanax increases sad feelings, but it works more effectively on controlling my sudden panic attacks. Klonopin also have me a lot of dizziness, whereas Xanax just gives me a lot of drowsiness. I should note that I’m classified as “highly receptive” to drugs, which means I react to them more strongly than other people. A perfect example is how children’s Tylenol relieves even the most painful of my headaches.

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    1. That’s a very different approach than my psychiatrist. She doesn’t like xanax because it’s so short acting that if you’ve don’t take the next dose, you end up feeling really icky. She thinks klonopin is less likely to be habit forming. aaaand I have to take xanax 1mg 4x a day but with klonopin I only have to take 3 of 2 mg pills.

      I have a very high tolerance for everything.

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    2. It takes a lot of work for these panic attacks to become manageable, medicine alone is not always going to help,I know the helplessness feeling like it will not go away but that only makes it worst,panic attacks aren’t any fun,I know the pain you are speaking of,but but but you just have to divert your mind,do some art, challenge the attack,give yourself power and less power to the panic
      Lots of love and lite

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      1. I like the way you put it…challenge the attack. That’s a good piece of advice. I try to do as much I can to distract myself, but I can’t concentrate on stuff if the attack is too severe, but helps if it isn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

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