keeping a journal

i keep a journal that i write in, or draw in, every single day. i have five journals, mostly Molskeine notebooks, that i filled up last year. i love those books! if you ever want to have a book to draw in, or make collages in, write down ideas, write big, long entries or tiny scribbles in them. they are the best!.

the notebooks come in a zillion varieties, different sizes, colors, ruled or blank, hard cover or soft ,and on and on. i end up buying more than i could ever need because they’re not very expensive and fun to just look at, touch, and see neatly on a shelf with it’s predecessors.

i love having something that records each day of my life, or at least a little chunk of it, enough to give me a reminder of what was going on in my mind that day. they feel especially nice as they fill up with writings and drawings. they’re so much fatter when you’ve used all the pages. i like to leaf through them, remembering what it was like to touch each page when i recorded my thoughts.

i’ve been drawing in the one i’m using now; i’ve done my three last fancy doodles in it. i am making collages in it, too. i open it to a fresh page everyday and write the day of the week and the date at the top. the rest is all a brain dump for however many pages i need to use that day. i try not to create any rules for the entries, but i’m tempted. i feel like i should decide something like, one written page for each day and one drawing for each day. i like to organize my thoughts, to have “all my ducks in a row.” (my father used to say that. he has tons of funny sayings; someday i’ll write about those!) i don’t organize anything else in my life!

i prefer do them on paper, but journals composed and saved on the computer work, too. it makes me sound so old fashioned, but i feel more free and more motivated with pen in hand, journal open on the desk. my ideas like to pour out onto pages that i can turn.

not only does keeping the journals great for holding my history, but they are a place for developing ideas, too. i can look back through it to see if there are any ideas i haven’t used yet, if i’m not feeling inspired. yay for journals!

they’re a great way to relieve stress and remember things that are important, but might slip away from my mind. i just hope i can keep on using them, until i have so many shelves of them i need to rent storage space for them. hehe


11 thoughts on “keeping a journal”

  1. I too keep my private journals on paper and use a fountain pen to write with.There is something very intimate in writing and drawing ,the smell of the paper,the feel of the pen as words roll out of it on to the page……..yep wholeheartedly agree with you .

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      1. Ooo! Those sound great! I use dip pens for pen and ink drawings. They’d be great for that! I collect antique traveling ink wells. I had one that was used by a civil war officer, which I gave to my dad. I have another, which I actually use sometimes, that is 18thC from england!


    1. i understand that so well. i kept journals my whole life and when i went to college i left them in my mother basement, all boxed up. i made her promise not to open them. a couple days later she called and asked my why i wrote i hated her when i was five.

      it’s incredibly invasive! i’m so sorry you have to go through that, too. :/


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