physical therapy

my left hand, the one that i had surgery on in january, has been getting worse over the last week. it’s very swollen, stiff, and painful now.

i saw the doctor this afternoon and she said the only way to get it to improve is with physical therapy.apparently, the woman she’s sending me to has no mercy. lol.  i’m nervous since my doctor prescribed norco to take throughout the four weeks of PT. it must be bad if she did that!

i’ve got an ice pack on it and i took a pill a couple of hours ago. it’s helping a little.it’s so hard to ignore the pain or to find anything that really distracts me.  i want to paint, but i feel so uninspired.

from this perspective, a month seems like a very long time.


6 thoughts on “physical therapy”

  1. It is a possibility, but I have done it each time I’ve had the surgery, when the pain was bad enough that I couldn’t use the injured one at all. I just can’t go on doing that forever, there’s only so long that I can produce art that is crappy. This time the bad hand is the left one, so making art isn’t horribly painful. Using it for inspiration is a good idea, tho. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I think you’re right. My doctor it is the only way to make it better now. I think the things they teach you to do at home, are especially useful. (I did TP for a knee problem, so I have a general idea of what it will be like). :huggle:

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