some of my tattoos!

these are some of my tattoos. i’m exhibiting them here, upon the request of another blogger. they’re all by Greg Kulz in San Francisco. he’s an amazing artist and tattooist, a good friend, too. he tattooed me for over 20 years! i haven’t any new ones in the last 5 years ย or so; for a variety of reasons. they’re my pride and joy. even though they’re very old, they still look almost perfect. i have excellent skin for tattoos! yay!


celtic top-crop

neck tattoo new pink nikes with leg tattoos outside of right arm-crop tat


7 thoughts on “some of my tattoos!”

    1. a bit of both. i usually brought in some reference pictures, things i found online or in books and stuff, that fit the idea i had in mind. most of my part of it was choosing the subject, the colors, the placement and often a rough idea of the shape of it as a whole. he did all the details, used the colors to make them beautiful. sometimes he did the whole thing; i really trusted him and gave him a lot of leeway. i think he had fun with that.

      he did the ones around my left ankle freehand. he put a few marks on it with a red sharpie and did whatever his imagination wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚

      for the one on my neck, all i said was, i wanted it done in green/purple/blue, that it should be really big and that the tattoo wrapped around the sides, coming close to the front of my neck. you can;t see that part in the photo, you can only see that part of you saw the sides.

      he designed the last one i got from him (it’s not in the pictures because it’s not finished) with a tablet, photoshop, and rendered it in 3D. it was so fun to watch him do that! ๐Ÿ™‚

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