the big and beautiful bang postcard

i made this watercolor painting on a watercolor paper postcard for a snail mail art swap with buddy71, a new friend here on wordpress. he’s sending me a photo postcard and i’m sending him this painting.

snail mail for buddy71 postcard

i think you’ll really like this buddy, imo it’s the best things i’ve done in the last two or three weeks!

(that might not sound like much, but i paint at least once everyday)

the secret to this painting? layers!



7 thoughts on “the big and beautiful bang postcard”

    1. i didn’t mean there was anything wrong with it because the rhythm was unusual. but it does flow more evenly now. i like that you use capital letters but no punctuation at the end of sentence (that’s probably the wrong way to put it, but i think you’ll know what i mean.). that’s why it’s fun to read repeatedly. the first time around i read it to see the meaning and to get used to the phrasing. the second time i paid attention to the rhythm. i like it, and i do think it’s unusual. maybe i should say, original. 🙂

      thank you very much indeed! i put a whole lot of myself into my work. since i spend so much time creating and thinking about creating, it shapes my days and fills them up. 🙂


  1. But there were spots where it just didn’t work,these devices drive me crazy not to mention writing at 1am. There’s no exact science to creativity, most of time I can nail it other times I could take me awhile,I love the way it came out,there are some real solid lines
    Thank you for your patience

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