fruit basket

fruit basket


10 thoughts on “fruit basket”

      1. Well, I’m not particularly fond of yellow or green either, but red is one of those colors that’s… in your face. I guess red reminds me of my blood-shot eyes. 🙂

        And while I love apples, I can’t chew them because of my bad jaw joints — but I remember how juicy and tasty they were. So your picture is tempting me with something I can’t have… Ha, I’m just like Eve.

        Blue is my color. All kinds of blue. Is it okay if I make a request of the artist? How about a blue angel? Or a bird in flight? Show me… Freedom!

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      2. I like the in your face red and yellow, but I’ve yet to find (in paints) a green that I like.

        Have you ever made home made applesauce? It would be perfect for you. It’s super delicious with some sugar/splenda and cinnamon. It’s divine warm.

        I would be happy to make a painting with a blue freedom feeling. I’m getting some more different colors of paint in the mail today, so I’ll be inspired to paint!

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    1. that’s the great thing about homemade, it’s totally different. if you down cook it all the way down it’s chunky and tastes just like apple pie. 🙂 but maybe applesauce just isn’t for you. fried apple slices are good, as are baked apples. sorry! you didn’t need apple advice, lol

      i love to have a bit of constraint to what i create, so it’ll be fun! i’m just sitting here biting my nails til the paints arrive. lol

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      1. I don’t know why raw apples are so much better than baked, but they are. After an apple is cooked, the taste changes. Well, maybe not the taste, but the texture — it’s not an apple anymore. It’s not even red anymore.

        You know, I’ve tried different kinds of baby food, and also that liquid protein stuff that old(er) people drink. Both of them, nasty. Anyway, I’m past the point of worrying if I eat right or not — if you can’t enjoy food, well, what’s the point?

        I rate food as chew-worthy or not. Unfortunately, apples aren’t chew-worthy, but…

        As long as chocolate can melt in my mouth, I’ll be okay. 🙂

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