i think about this every time i meet someone new online: how old is this person? not that i’m ageist, but it fascinates me. i’m sure everyone forms mental images of what their online friends look like when they say “lol.” or use a smiley emoticon.  🙂

age is something that in real life is a barrier between people. people in their 60s rarely hang out with people, say, in their 20s and teens certainly don’t hang out with five year olds!  (i think the age limitations are much less important the older you are.) but not online. the net is the great equalizer! if you don’t know, you can’t judge!

i love having rambling conversations with strangers. it makes for some lively conversation and it pushes the limits of what you feel comfortable saying to people.

anonymity changes how people relate to each other. sometimes it’s not so cool when people feel more free to be assholes, but in general, i think it’s a good thing.

when these conversations happen, and i end up being friends with someone i meet that way, i try as hard as i can not to look at any of their personal information for as long as possible.

it’s so freeing!


7 thoughts on “anonymity?”

  1. I agree, we all form a picture in our mind especially of the people we don’t have an image of on line. We create a fantasy image! Age is of no importance, we communicate through words. Age is just a number… However, you are right in saying that in real life there is a barrier with different age groups. 🙂

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