oil spill

oil spill

this is a watercolor painting on yupo. it creates very interesting effects.

if you’re not familiar with yupo, check this out….



11 thoughts on “oil spill”

  1. I am a stranger to yupo, but I think I could learn it’s ways 🙂 Thanks for the share! Beautiful piece, I love how the colors collect and move to the bottom. Very beautiful

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      1. That’s really cool I’ll have to try it! I have been wanting to paint on glass and other things lately, so this is definitely an inspiring surface. You rock!

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      2. lol it’s a constant battle between my husband and me. his electronics start to take over, then my art supplies..it goes on like that each time either of us buys something new!

        i have 3 sponges in a drawer next to me!

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      3. haha that sounds like us, but the art supplies, we share. he has electronics all over the place, and is constantly making new gadgets. boys… 🙂

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