o boi i’m manic!

i had a sneaking suspicion that i was starting to be manic.

i’ve been waking up earlier than usual.  i’m not eating as much as i usually do. my anxiety is out of control. but most of all, i’m happy! everything is so crisp and bright.

it feels exactly like crystal meth. i should know.

the question i’m trying not to think how long this will last. it could be awful if it dropped me backed into worse depression right away, but it could be mega horrible if it goes on too long. i really must enjoy being in the moment!

omg, the way i really knew was waking up and remembering that i spent $250 on watercolor paints! they’re very nice paints, but shit! that’s just so stereotypical. lol


1 thought on “o boi i’m manic!”

  1. Congratulation to the big shopping 🙂 the best treat for us. Many new spirits will be released soon 🙂 Once I read some description from a novel I believe, it says, a big block of marble for a sculptor is like a calling waiting to free a spirit from a trap; an artist is a pure medium, don’t you sometime wonder how did you do that ? It has its own life, the artist is the deliverer, the mother, although like the real human mother, she actually also does not own her child. Who said that, the child is an arrow, the mother is the bow, oh, no, I will go on and on…
    Don’t analyze, just enjoy 🙂


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