too much panic, but lots of love!

gah! communication problems!

panic. andrew gave me flowers and balloons and ice cream for valentine’s day!

there is a muscle cramp in my side that makes me worry that i’m passing a kidney stone. i know that’s silly, but every time i move it hurts.

i want to go to the art store and buy some new watercolors and go to walmart to return some pj bottoms that didn’t fit, but i feel conflicted. i think, i could go, but what if my car breaks down (it’s never ever had engine trouble)i’m so nervous and superstitiously worried about even getting in my car. it’s  just beautiful outside, 73F!   i want to get myself to go . it’s close, i’m very familiar with the area, my car has gas in it, i thought i deserved a treat, so that will be getting getting a couple of new colors.

i still haven’t cried for almost a week. i dunno if that’s good or bad… sometimes i feel like  i really really want the release of crying but a lot of .me that wants to be strong.

eh, forget all that!

have a happy valentine’s day!

valentine card vintage sky high

happy valentine’s day (whether you have a romantic relationship or not) to friends and followers, all the wonderful people i’ve met. i send you cards!615x200-ehow-images-a05-64-15-valentine-party-crafts-800x800

Vintage Illustration: Valentine Greeting with Cupids and Hearts


8 thoughts on “too much panic, but lots of love!”

    1. i didn’t realize i hadn’t posted that! how did you know about it if i forgot to post it? can people see the media files i’ve uploaded? it would be good if there was!
      thanks for telling me!


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