i want a cyborg body!!!

my head and heart and body feel empty. i just can’t get my eyes to focus. i’m listening to Arctic Monkeys. i’ve been obsessed with them for a long time, like six months. damn i love my repetition. repetition is like a brain massage.

i was desperate for diet coke, badly enough that i went out and bought some. that’s how desperate i was!. i don’t leave the house and don’t drive, but i needed some diet coke STAT!!so i did it! i managed to go to the store and get my carbonated thrill. 🙂 i think i’ve sucked down three already.

i feel like i might be getting better, if only a tiny bit.

i’m still feeling the pot cookie. everything seems so clear and sharp.

chronic pain sucks! getting out of bed hurts, i want a cyborg body. 😀


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