and the wind swept in

i painted this today. i used a new technique that i made up! hehe

and the rain swept down

i applied  the acrylics with a dry brush. i wanted to highlight the textures and provide a base of color that wouldn’t mix up when i but the watercolors on it.
i put down lots of colors, but not such that it was covered entirely. then i put some watercolor paint on, still using a dry brush, in strategic places.
finally, i dry brushed on quite a bit of black watercolor. then i used a tiny spray bottle, it mists, like a perfume bottle. the watercolors were “activated” by the water and they started to mix. the acrylics stayed put and made it opaque and almost solid with the watercolors moving around with the flow of the water. i think the results are interesting but i haven’t achieved the look i want yet.


3 thoughts on “and the wind swept in”

    1. I usually just make it up as i go along. But if i make up a technique i like, i’ll try using it quite a bit, just to see if it works well. I experiment with the process as well. Do you plan first?


      1. I do not plan, i usually just follow the line, so, most of the time, paintings are adventure to me. I come to appreciate the pattern later.


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