afternoon excitement! a storm…

i’ve been depressed all day. really low. i just stare at the wall or who knows what else, without focusing on anything.i want to cry but can’t. i feel really edgy and as usually my guts are upset.

the good part of the afternoon was watching a storm blow in. earlier in the day i took mackie for a walk and neither of us liked it. he’s really scared of the wind, and it was strong enough to be dangerous. once we were inside it was fun to watch all the rain come in. you can hear the wind ripping around the houses. very exciting!

there were buckets of rain falling out there. it seems to move around. when it rolled in, there were big black clouds all around coming in fast. it’s still going on, rattling windows and sheets of rain.

i have a feeling i’ll be spending the week at home with my two boys andrew, and mackie (puppeh).

i need to start a new book. any suggestions?


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