reclaim, a mixed media extravaganza!


mixed on canvas 8’x4′ aka 2.4m x1.2m

grout, spray paint, all purpose cleaning solution, spray texture–makes things look like they’re made of stone, anti-rust spray, acrylics, wood stain.

i made this piece in mid 20013.  this is what i wrote , on deviantArt, when i posted if for the first time.:

“i haven’t created a piece this big in years. i wanted to get a lot of anger and frustration out of my system. making this was very physical–throwing grout on the canvas, walking around the painting spraying all around, kneeling.

i named it “reclaim” because being outside, it’s been quite hot until recently, it made me feel alive and energetic, at least for a little while. i’m in the process of trying to reclaim my life from a three year struggle with deep depression. i’m feeling a little stronger.

one very cool thing, which seemed symbolic to me… i was taking this photo of the painting, behind my garage, and a neighbor i don’t know pulled out of her garage and stop her car to talk to me. she asked me if i was an artist and that she loved this style of work. i couldn’t believe it, nobody likes work like this! lol she said she wanted to come by later and look at more of my work! she said she was a graphic designer! that made my day. “


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