work space

i think i’ve said this a zillion times, but my mind is a sieve! (fucking meds)

i’m a full time artist who does not sell her paintings. i trade them and gift them. i don’t want to mix up art and money. i’m lucky because my awesome husband supports me emotionally and financially, so i can take this idealist view of what i’m doing.

i hope you’re enjoying the art i’m posting. i spend all day everyday creating, so you’ll be seeing a lot of it. plus i have five years of previous work. (most of that is pretty shitty compared to my skill level now, yay!) that i will post some of.

i love seeing other artist’s set ups or people’s computer rooms,  i think it tells so much about them.

so… here’s mine….

workspace 2013


8 thoughts on “work space”

  1. I used to wish to have a garage for studio, but now I am a mimimumism, I stock all my works on the cloud, cellophane the original ones individually, compressed them and stacking them in containers, just in case of running out of money to pay bills, I might go to rent a market stall and trade them with money 🙂 since I now do not have anyone to support me.

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  2. i have to admit that it doesn’t look anything like that now. there’s piles of stuff everywhere, diet coke cans, coffee cups, art supplies that have no permanent home…etc.!

    i was feeling so depressed i had to go find some chocolate my husband hid from me. lol i found it…dark chocolate chips! ohhh soo good for what ails ya!


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