a happy story!!

when i was a kid i loved to hear my dad tell stories(i still do!) about his time in the navy. he was in the service in the mid 1950s. we have photos of him in his uniform. he was so handsome!

he told a story about the rivalry of the soldiers in the navy had with the army soldiers.

he was on shore leave in Tokyo one night, getting wasted with his buddies.  they were careening back to the ship when they ran into a bunch of drunk infantry men. the biggest one stepped forward and punched my dad in the face as hard as he could.

my dad is anything but aggressive and trying to think of him in a brawl makes me giggle. but he wasn’t quite in the brawl, he was the beginning and the end of the fight.

when the big guy hit him he stood stock still and didn’t even flinch! he didn’t throw a punch, he didn’t fall down or cry out. the other guys turned tail and ran.

he said it was a fluke or maybe it happened just because he was drunk. but i love to think of him being that bad ass!


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