finally! i painted today!

i painted this with Golden brand high flow acrylics. they’re like a cross between watercolors, ink, and regular (aka heavy body) acrylics.

i use them on watercolor paper. with a lot (!) of water. i continue wetting the paper as i go along with a little spray bottle (like a perfume bottle…it makes a mist of water.) i splatter colors on the very wet paper and let it flow wherever it wants. i add splatters in layers. in this one, after i put on the colors, i made big splatters of black paint with a fan brush and spray water on it one last time. i let do it’s final flowing and put it aside to dry.

take a deep breath
take a deep breath

what do you think?


2 thoughts on “finally! i painted today!”

  1. oh you should! it’s really different, it dries almost shiny,

    i don’t know if you’re familiar with Golden brand paints, but the’y really expensive. i wouldn’t have tried them, but amazon has a starter set that is super duper cheap….

    the bottles are as big as the ones you buy separately and the set. the set is more than 1/2 less than buying them separately. i’ve recommended two artists i know and thy actually bought them. i’ll upload more i used them to paint with. 🙂


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