a huge mistake and something fun

today i’ve read so many blogs by people who are going through tough times. i want to give you all a hug!

i had a tough day, too. this morning i was having a panic attack. when i texted my husband with a one word meassage…PANIC. or so i thought. i actually sent it to my dad. he knows all about my mental illnesses and we have a great relationship. i knew what i texted would scare the shit out of him.

i wrote back, as fast as i could, saying that i accidentally sent him a text intended for my husband, but i told him that andrew and i were discussing a panic attack i had yesterday. before i sent that, my dad wrote back, “why panic? what’s wrong?are you ok?”i was horrified at my careless mistake.

i was able to send him the lie before he freaked out. i had to laugh with him about how funny it was. i felt so awful.

the panic attack doubled in intensity but i was terrified to text andrew since my last attempt to text him turned out so badly.

i went to bed and cried myself to sleep. when i woke up i felt dead inside.

i’m trying to be more positive, so i’m posting a really fun drawing that took took over a lot of my time last week. i love doing these sorts of drawings!

shape chaos

i hope everyone has a decent evening!


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